Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Brave New World

Today ecstatic day. Sometimes you go for months wondering where you are or if you’re making the right choices. And then a day comes along that is a thumbs-up to your very spirit, heart, soul.

I ended a 9-year, common-law marriage in January. Three days before my birthday. It took all my courage to start anew and choose a happier path than I’d been traveling. Recently, I turned down a job though I wasn’t really in a position to do so. I’ve been walking a tightrope of risk for the first time in many moons. But all the while choosing to finally listen to my gut and go with that; EMBRACE it. And today, I’ve begun to feel rewarded. That somehow this is the first of many astounding things to come for choosing this path less traveled. Life feels scary yet so alive! Baby steps. Leaps. Bounds!

I thought the day couldn’t get better when my sis e-mails me this video. It was of some shy, beautiful Welshman performing on Britain’s Got Talent. He sang opera. I felt his triumph in my tears of joy. I keep replaying it, mesmerized; thanking my lucky stars…and Paul Potts, the Welsh Wonder.

Music: Nessun Dorma, Paul Potts

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