Saturday, November 14, 2009

Writer Friends

And speaking of knowing other people who blog! I want to mention my friend, Carrie Anne Snyder. She writes a fabulous blog: Obscure CanLit Mama, and she's also a published writer offline, among several writer friends I'm proud to know.

I've been enjoying her work, The Juliet Stories, set in Nicaragua, in the latest issue of The New Quarterly, a magazine which features Canadian writers and writing. They're wonderful! Definitely pick up a copy. Carrie lived in Nicaragua herself when she was younger and she also waxes poetically in the issue about the question so many writers must face (and often fend off somehow): how "autobiographical" one's work is or is not. She also took some amazing photography while down there and one of her photos graces the cover of this latest issue. Yum!

A couple of Thursdays ago, Carrie read some of her published work aloud locally at the Art Bar in Kitchener. I, unfortunately, could not attend as I was taking my sonshine and a friend to a concert of the Skydiggers the same night at a local cinema. I hear I missed an amazing read and look forward to the next opportunity that will feature Carrie, as I'm sure, one cannot be long in coming.

Do check her out. She writes candidly, poignantly and humourously about raising four beautiful, redheaded kids, as well as food, politics, feminism and so much more. I find her blog truly enlightening and always a breath of fresh air.

And I feel especially blessed and lucky to call her a local pal o' mine. She's as inspiring a person in person as she is onscreen/on the page. Kudos, Carrie!

I last saw Carrie when my son and I attended Bookstravaganza: an evening of authors and poets reading from their published works at a local club. It was a great night and I want to give a shout out to another lovely person and talented writer, David Derry, with whom I shared a wonderful conversation afterwards and who has just had his first book, Sentimental Exorcisms, published by Coach House Books. Check him out, too, while you're at it. Some truly inventive and funny stuff.

I wish I could go on in more depth, but I've a wee one calling me and we're heading out of town today together for another adventure. Stay tuned...

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Carrie Snyder said...

Hey, thanks for the shout-out!
Also very cool that you met up with another blogger. Love seeing those connections.

Jenifer said...

I have come by way of Mimi and wow what a wonderful blog, full of life and love. I have only had time to read a post or two, but it all seems so rich.

Your son is adorable! I have three girls so little boys are a bit of a mystery to me.

My blogging habit has been terrible lately, but I do love it and hope to get back at more regularly.

I love finding new blogs it is a part of the reason I just can't give it up.

Best wishes to you and your son.

the b in subtle said...

Carrie: my pleasure. I meant to do that earlier when you were having your reading so I was a bit behind with it! Jenifer: lovely to "meet" you and thanks for checking me out. Feel free to click "Follow" if you want to. Your blog looks very intriguing and I'll be keeping an eye out for more posts from you! (I hope to be more regular about my own posts as well.) Cheers to both of you!

Janean said...

i'm off to read your friend's blog. how kind of you to showcase her. your baby is most adorable!!!