Thursday, January 28, 2010

Little Green

I know I've been complaining about the lack of snow, but I've simultaneously been enjoying my plants while stuck at home the past two weeks. They are a nice reminder of life growing despite all the decay of Earth lying beneath the snow. I'm amazed at myself that they thrive at all. I used to let plants die all the time in my 20s and even into my 30s. I was horrible at maintaining the little attention they required to keep going like, well, watering. Watering was a challenge sometimes. More in the remembering, less in the doing. I think I let probably 4 goldfish die when I was a little girl before my parents accepted I was maybe a little unreliable. I never did it on purpose. Just, I think, I'd get a little distracted, staring at and talking to trees and weird stuff like that. (I'm sure at this point, you're wondering if I should have had a child on my own. But believe me, he gets all the attention he needs and then some!)

This jade plant (above, to the right) I'm quite proud of: when I first brought it home, it was the size of the tiny cactus plant shown in the same photo. I have had it going strong for over 10 years now. The tiny cactus was given me recently when my twin sister visited. I have a larger version of the same plant spiraling out of its pot in my kitchen sink window which I've grown the last four years or so. Another cactus-type plant hangs above the sink.


In the bathroom there is a plant I adore. I have no idea what it's called (maybe someone out there can help me with that), but it's blue and red-hued leaves are gorgeous and it blooms tiny, pink flowers that are very delicate and sweet.

The plant I think I love the most is one I've had to cut down to the root base for the second year in a row. And it's just begun to sprout again a small, green shoot. This plant is a vine of some sort and has the most stunning purple blossoms when it's in flower. Again, no idea of the name of it, but I love it.

My orchid, I hope, is resurrecting itself slowly again. We'll see what happens there. I've had it for a couple of years now.

Despite all the green growing under my nose in the house and even though I shouldn't have likely made the extra expense, budget-wise, I actually bought myself flowers this week: oriental lilies. Not that my ex used to buy me flowers a lot (usually once a year on my birthday), but sometimes it's just nice to treat yourself, especially when no one else is around to buy 'em for you (and besides, it was my birthday recently so I can sort of justify this 'gift to self').The scent of the lilies in my dining room where I feed Sonshine his meals is intoxicating. Spring begins less than two months away and the fragrance of these lilies makes it feel just around the corner. (Not necessarily something I relish since, in my own opinion, we've hardly had a true winter yet.)

The end of this winter will be a bit melancholy for me, my last in this farmhouse. Spring will bring such change and I know right now it will all be a blur once it's over. But I look forward to celebrating my baby's first birthday in May and the idea that that is around the corner, too, is unfathomable! No idea if the party will be here at the farmhouse or in our new home together.

What I do know is that my son is one of the many signs of new life in the house while the earth sleeps and her flora and fauna hibernate. In his jolly jumper, he is all the Spring I need for right now!

Music: Little Green, Joni Mitchell


Tricia Orchard said...
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the b in subtle said...

Hey Tricia - yes I hope to move into Uptown if I can afford it. I'll let you know Lochie's bday via private message on facebook or e-mail. It's mid-may. He's a taurus. A little bull. Wonder if he'll be as stubborn as I am? That's so sweet you brought all those plants back with you. I am sure you were sad when that plant die

the b in subtle said...
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the b in subtle said...

sorry little hands made me publish my response a bit early! I was going to say I'm sure you were sad when that plant died, but one way you could look at it was it went to be with your mum and keep her compaany. Maybe she was missing it and wanting to touch something you'd been caring for so she could feel close to you in that way. Hope that doesn't sound too weird.

Anonymous said...

I exist in a veritable jungle of tropical foliage- within a coffee cup's throw of my desk there are 28 plants, from cuttings to trees.

There's just something about the oxygen they share so generously... and the abiding GREEN-ness in this icy winter-world.

Your lil 'Johnny-Jump-Up' is as cute as a button!

Brian Miller said...

the little one looks cute in his jumper...and before you know it he will be admiring those plants too...teehee.

love plants and trees...though i do tend to kill them on accident. better to go walk among them.

Cabo said...

I'm not a professional observer but from my perspective it looks like there is abundant Life in your home, both plant and otherwise. ;)

Ciara said...

Once upon a a time our home was a jungle of plantery and greenery, but they unfortunately fell by the wayside one by one the more children we had...

But I've noticed we have acquired a couple lately, and I do feel ready for them again!

Gorgeous photos, especially the last one!