Thursday, May 13, 2010

one year

He turned one year old today. I cannot believe how fast the last 365 days have flown and all that has happened since I pushed him out of my body one year ago. All the emotions I have felt. All the little steps and advances he has accomplished. All the smiles, all the laughter. All the JOY. I really couldn't do it all justice by attempting to put it down here. Kinda like trying to take a photograph of the Grand Canyon.

10 minutes old...
I have some major decisions ahead. And not simply to do with the sale of my home/buying a new home. There is a lot on my mind these days in addition to all of that.

But today, I just wanted to focus on him. My parents came by to celebrate and my twin sister came to watch him for me while I ran some errands. The big party is here at the farmhouse on Saturday afternoon.

1 month old                        2 months old
Today started off slowly and perfectly. We lounged in bed, fell asleep again, and didn't wake until 9am. It was unusual, but lovely and lazy and his face lit up every time I sang, "Happy Birthday" to him. He listened to all the phonecalls, trying to grab the phone all the while and wondered why everyone else seemed to be singing the same song.

3 months old                          4 months old

My camera kind of died today. So my sister was kind enough to lend me hers so the photos I include here are ones of over the past year. The changes in him as we celebrated each month older.

5 months old                             6 months old

And now twelve months have passed. When I have more time and am not so exhausted, I want to compose a blog to him, written for him, dedicated to him and about what this past year has meant to me.

7 months old                               8 months old

For now, I need to clean the house in preparation for a showing and hit the hay. I am too tired to gather my thoughts very well tonight, but I will say that giving birth to him was the singular most fulfilling and happiest day of my life thus far and every day since I have felt no diminishing of the immense JOY it was to become his mother and give birth to this beautiful Sonshine of mine.

9 months old                              10 months old

I continue to treasure the gift he is to me and my life. What a lucky, lucky woman I am! Happy birthday, my beautiful, sweet, angel boy. You are my Son and Moon and Stars. You are my world. You are my universe.

11 months old                           12 months old

And I love you with all my heart.


Only A Girl said...

Oh what a special day! Happy birthday little guy! I'm glad it was a good one. :)

Tricia Orchard said...

Happy Birthday to your handsome Sonshine. You are both lucky - he is so very lucky to have you for his mum. And you are lucky to have him too.

Thanks for sharing some moments from your day. I hope he has fun at his party.


Brian Miller said...

happy birthday little guy! one day you may remember little snatches of these early years...hopefully one day you can look back and read some of these and know just how much your mommy loves you...i'm sure you will know it then too, but...

Mimi said...

Happy Birthday, Sonshine.
What a beautiful post, Nancy.
He is very lucky to have a Mom who loves him so much, knows how precious he is, and writes it so beautifully that I'm out in goosebumps and tears.
If only every child in this world was so loved.
Congratulations to you both on this wonderful milestone.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, precious Sonshine! He is so adorable, so much cuter-than-words.

Congratulations on a beautiful first year and best wishes for this next one to be simply delightful, as well.

Hugs to both of you...

Mon said...

aww, happy birthday little one, and mama!!!

it sounds like you've had such a joyous year. i sometimes wish i could say there was that much joy in my first year with my gorgeous girl, but alas it was a tough tough year for us. i'm still waiting for 3hrs consecutive sleep. seriously! lol.
but the LOVE is there and the joy for me is that she IS. she recently turned two.

i'm so happy for you, after your struggles. may this year be full of us much wonder and joy for you both.

Ciara said...

Really enjoyed catching up here Nancy! Bit late I know, but always a pleasure, and SO glad you are back blogging!

I know you had a fab day, and I know I've sent my wishes to him, but give him a little squeeze from me again, do!

Darling photos!

Dreamfarm Girl said...

It was fun to share in the celebration. What a wondrous and beautiful little boy you have. I'd say you're both pretty lucky. Wishing you another great year, whatever lies ahead.

Bill said...

Just love the timeline set of photos of your handsome Sonshine. Happy Birthday.

Nishant said...

Thanks for sharing some moments from your day. I hope he has fun at his party.

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