Sunday, January 16, 2011


The end of one year has come and gone and what a year! Last year's word for the year for us was "Move" and that is what we did: my Sonshine rolled over, reached out, began to crawl, stood up, toppled over, and eventually began to walk and then toddle. Now he is on the verge of running his little heart out as I chase him around the kitchen every night, something he loves.

And, of course, we had our own epic "Move": from my rural home of the past decade to a new, old farmhouse (only slightly younger than the old, older one) in an urban setting this time.

Yes, last year was definitely the year for moving. And this year, I am moving on ~ onward, ho!

This year, I've chosen my Word of the Year to be "breathe/breath": as in take a breather, step back and breathe, stop and smell the flowers, take a breath before speaking (integral for me because I tend to blurt out my emotions without thinking or taking time to formulate what I'll say or recognize how my words might affect the listener(s)). I want to focus on getting back into yoga again and more regularly. After the harriedness and chaos of last year's monumental changes, my focus this year will be to close my eyes, take a deep breath, relax and trust myself, my instincts with each step forward.

I have also made this particular word choice for the year to focus on finding my breath deep within and by that I mean discovering my voice in my writing and further, in the storytelling I do via my photography, something I equally wish to kindle as a growing project on the side of the work I do to pay the mortgage. I continue to play with various photography projects on my current flickr photostream. This year it is my fervent hope to really let my creativity spark and see how high and hot its flame can grow. Like Gordo sings it, I'm trying to get into things more happy than blue. Hope you'll join me as my journey continues...

To that end, I have begun a new photography blog: Lenstrel. The title is one I've coined based on the definition of a minstrel: a traveling entertainer who recites poetry and sings folk songs. With my photography blog, I intend each photo to be its own poem in a way, and I will include music that inspires or complements the photos I share, along with a short, creative writing blurb at times (at other times I will let the photo tell its own story).

I turned another year older last Friday and this particular year I feel like I have been reborn in more ways than one! So 'breath' is definitely an apropos word for this new year as I feel I am taking my first real breath after a long period of stress and upheaval. I look forward now to the new year that stretches out before me and feel excitement (and some nervous anticipation) about all the changes it promises.

locks curling with (nervous) excitement

One impending change will be my return to work after almost two years off to give birth and raise my Sonshine. So I am cherishing these days we have left together but I know he will thrive in a busier learning environment than I have been able to provide alone with him. His mind is a sponge right now and absorbs every little thing. He will love the busy routine of the days ahead. And the plan is to have atleast 6 weeks off (paid!) each summer as he is growing so this will not be the end of our free time together, thankfully. We hope to travel, camp and I intend to delve more than spare time into my writing and photography once the days grow warmer.

I want to wish everyone out there one magical 2011.

And remember to BREATHE! :)

Music: Gordon Lightfoot, Minstrel of the Dawn


Brian Miller said...

here is to happy new years....and breathe is an appropriate word for the wishes for you and the little one..

Mimi said...

Happy, happy, happy 2011 to you too, Nancy!
Breathe is a powerful word, my thoughts are to breathe in every last particle of beauty around me, including beautiful moments. I too am on a cycle of change, as my eldest will head off to college in October. A new dimension for us all, says she who does not lie (and resists) chcnge. breathe, breathe..

Ellen said...

I use the word breathe so often for others and for myself when one is going to fast, when stress is flowing to high, and to slow down to absorb what is so cherished. Breathe means much and is and under used concept for too many people.

Excited for new adventures in your life, continuing on with growth as it should. Looking forward to following your new blog as well.

January stirs up much for change in my life and I am contemplating what I can do for myself now that the holidays have passed. A time to take some perspective to listen and learn. Make steps...

Ciara said...

And a belated Happy New Year to you too, dear one!

My resolution should really be to find the spark for blogging again. Finding all things online to be a challenge at the moment. :-(

But looking forward to what this year brings too. It sounds like it's all new beginnings for you and your little man. Every blessing for a fabulous year ahead. Onwards and upwards! :-)